Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Please Consider Sponsoring a Teacher

What a wonderful way to show your appreciation
for a special teacher or staff member!

Teachers and MPES staff members can be sponsored for $60 each. 
If you'd like to sponsor someone to attend the 12th Annual IB Auction, 
you can remit payment online by clicking the image below:

or by returning the "Sponsor A Teacher" form along with your payment
to the front office (ATTN: IB Foundation)

It's Getting Close!!

Purchase tickets to the 12th Annual IB Auction
and register to bid online by visiting

Select items will be available online prior to the event! 
All bidding prior to and at the event will take place electronically.

Invitations go home March 7th!!

Friday, February 24, 2017

It’s Basket Time, Room Parents!

The time is upon us!

Our next meeting will be on
March 9th, Thursday at 8:15am
in the school cafeteria

We are getting ready to begin the IB Auction basket extravaganza!

Please consider the following and respond as necessary:

1.    We will be assigning basket themes for your class.  BUT, do you have a passion or connections for a particular basket theme?  If so, you may request that theme for your basket.  Simply email me your request soon!

2.    Most classes will be paired with another class to make one joint basket.  If you prefer to fly solo, just email me now!

3.    We will be hitting the ground running after spring break.  If for some reason you cannot fulfill your duties for IB Room Parent, then email me now!  (We know life never goes as planned.)

We are putting the basket themes together to have it all ready 
for our next meeting where you’ll receive your assigned basket theme. 
See you then!!

Many Thanks,

Elsa Schack

IB Auction Basket Coordinator

Email me at: eschack at homedynamics dot com